Svelte SaaS Boilerplate

Svelte SaaS Boilerplate

The optimal boilerplate for creating amazing web apps rapidly.

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YACC - Yet another compiler compi... I mean boilerplate?

I have done many projects in order the find the absolute best tech stack, spent hours working and tweaking and I think I have finally found the best stack for building web apps with ease.

Sveltekit, TailwindCSS, Auth.Js, DrizzleORM, Stripe/LemonSqueezy Resend, svelte-email for templating.

Existing solutions out there cost like a minimum of 100$, I was thinking something in line with 50-70$ at tops.

What do people get?

  • A github repository with all the necessary parts along with access to a documentation page how to properly setup.

  • Discord community

  • Lifetime updates

What else? Help me build an awesome boilerplate!

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